S03E01 - The Note

No: 18  |   Season: 3   Episode: 1  |   Air Date: 18-Sep-1991  |   Production #301

I think it moved.I think it moved.


Jerry and George's massages end up being more pain than pleasure when Jerry has a misunderstanding with the masseusse and George gets his massage from a man. Jerry and George get Jerry's dentist friend into trouble when they ask him for doctor's notes for physical therapy. Meanwhile, Kramer is convinced he's seen Joe DiMaggio in a neighbourhood donut shop.

Director and Writers

Director: Tom Cherones
Writers: Larry David


George: I think it moved.

Kramer: Why can't Joe DiMaggio have a donut like everyone else?

George: One of those kids called me a "Mary."
Elaine: A what?
George: I was jumping over a puddle and for some reason I went like this. They called me a "Mary." So I chased them, and I tripped and I fell.

George: I can't get a massage from a man.

George: (talking about getting a message from a man) What if it feels good?
Elaine: It's supposed to feel good.
George: I don't want it to feel good!

George: I've always been a stall man.

Roy: Don't mind her.
Jerry: Oh please, I love her.
George: I've just met her, but I'm very impressed.

George: It was imperceptible, but I felt it!

George: I've shifted, this was a move!

Elaine: She doesn't want to hear that, that was stupid.
Jerry: I know it was stupid.
Elaine: Really stupid...

Raymond: I used to be a flight attendant.
George: Oh boy.
Raymond: Ya know, why don't you open those pants, it's gonna be a lot easier that way.

George: A man gave me a massage.
Jerry: So?
George: So he had his hands and, uh, he was...
Jerry: He was what?
George: He was... touching and rubbing.

Raymond: (massaging George's hamstring) How did you do this?
George: (VERY tense) Do what?
Raymond: How did you hurt your hamstring?
George: (quickly) I dunno...
Raymond: You don't know?
George: I dunno...
Raymond: Okay, where did this happen?
George: (Quickly again) Korea.
Raymond: Korea?
George: Korea.
Raymond: You hurt yourself in Korea?
George: I dunno.

George: Men have been popping into my sexual fantasies. All of a sudden, I'll be in the middle.
Elaine: Of what? Oh.
George: And a guy will appear from out of nowhere. I say "Get out of here! What do you want? You don't belong here!"

Pam: I hope you're both happy.
Jerry: I'm not happy.
George: Me neither. I've never been happy.
Jerry: I mean I'm happy sometimes, but not now.
George: In college, maybe. Those were fun times.
Jerry: Yeah, college was fun.

Kramer: How can you do that to your friend! He's got a wife, kids...and a lot of other stuff! Yeee-eah...

Notes and Trivia

This episode featured a different version of the theme song, the first change since the pilot. Back-up singers were now heard scatting over the theme. The singers were added by composer Jonathan Wolff at Seinfeld's request. However, NBC and Castle Rock did not like the change and requested that the original version be restored.

This episode marks the first time Kramer comes into the diner.

The song played during the closing credits is Les Brown's "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" sung by Betty Bonney.

Very bad cut from when Jerry and George go to the Physical Therapist and George sees Raymond. He begins to turn to Jerry, but then there's a cut to his head already 45 degrees ahead of where it was before.

George unbuttons his pants a first time when he's lying on his stomach, then later when the masseur asks him to take them off, George stands up and his pants are buttoned again.

In the final scene, as Jerry asks Kramer, "Did he say anything?" you can clearly see Jerry's left hand is empty at the left side of the screen. In the next shot, a blue container mysteriously appears in his left hand.

In the final scene of the episode at Monk's, where the four are watching Joe DiMaggio dunk his donuts, when Kramer starts to bang on the table and yell Julia Louis-Dreyfus almost loses it as she's laughing so hard. If you watch closely she actually looks right into the camera as she is trying to keep herself from laughing too much. She is probably thinking the scene will get cut for a re-take.

The character Roy was originally named "Lloyd" in the script. He still listed as "Lloyd" in the closing credits.

Joshua Liebling, who plays Billy (the son of the masseuse), is Seinfeld's real-life nephew.

George also says "I think it moved" in "The Mango", after eating a piece of Kramer's mango.


When Kramer starts to bang on the table and yelp, Julia Louis-Dreyfus can be seen breaking character by laughing and looking at the camera.


Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Julia Louis-DreyfusElaine Benes
Michael RichardsKramer
Jason AlexanderGeorge Costanza
Ralph BruneauRoy
Terri HanauerJulianna
Jeff LesterRaymond
Flo Di ReReceptionist
Liz GeorgesPam
Paul RogersMan in Waiting Room
Dale RaoulDental Patient
Joshua LieblingBilly