S03E08 - The Tape

No: 25  |   Season: 3   Episode: 8  |   Air Date: 13-Nov-1991  |   Production #308

WeWe're talking with Elaine Benes... adult film star... on the set of her new picture, 'Elaine Does the Upper West Side.'


George is excited about a new potential baldness cure that was discovered in China. While listening to a tape of his previous nights show, Jerry hears the voice of a mysterious woman who talks dirty into his tape recorder and everyone becomes excited by the voice. Elaine shines in an entirely new light for George when he is let in on the her secret, she's the voice. He is later driven crazy when she plays around with him while goofing around in front of Kramer's new video recorder. George tries the bald cure. Kramer searches for the jacket.

Director and Writers

Director: David Steinberg
Writers: Larry David and Bob Shaw & Don McEnery


Kramer: Spector gave it to me. He's giving everything away... becoming a minimalist.
George: Is that the guy who likes fat women?
Jerry: Doesn't the fat fetish conflict with the minimalism?

Jerry: Elaine, have you ever gone out with a bald man?
Elaine: No.
Jerry: You know what that makes you, a baldist.

Jerry: The big toe, the captain!
Kramer: What?
Jerry: The captain of the toes!

George: Ask them, are there any side effects.
Ping: (joking) Impotence.

Kramer: How often do you cut your toe-nails?

George: She had this throaty, sexy kind of whisper.
Elaine: Really , like a... like a... (sexy whisper) Jerry, I want to ssslide my tongue around you like a sssnake... Oh... Oh!

Jerry: (to George in a cowboy hat) Sheriff?

George: Great! They have one billion people and he found a relative.

George: All right...I've become attracted to Elaine.

Notes and Trivia

The Chinese baldness cure is based on something Larry David tried in real life. The scenes where Kramer takes video of George's scalp is similar to when the real Kenny Kramer did the same of Larry David's scalp.

This episode received two Emmy nominations in 1992 for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Comedy Series and for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing in a Comedy Series.


When Jerry and George fight over the tape recorder, they are both holding onto it. In the next shot, only Jerry is holding it.

When Kramer films George and Elaine with his camcorder, the left edge of the street-facing wall of the 'Jerry's apartment' set appears briefly.


Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Julia Louis-DreyfusElaine Benes
Michael RichardsKramer
Jason AlexanderGeorge Costanza
John ApicellaRepairman
Ping WuPing
Norman BrennerBeder