S04E04 - The Ticket

No: 44  |   Season: 4   Episode: 4  |   Air Date: 16-Sep-1992  |   Production #404

I was never able to become a banker.I was never able to become a banker.


Kramer suffers side effects from his head injury. NBC gives Jerry and George another meeting and on the way, Jerry throws out a watch his parents gave him. He then meets his Uncle Leo, who picks the watch out of the garbage. Kramer agrees to be an alibi for Newman's trial on a speeding ticket. George and Jerry meet with NBC executives and they give the go ahead for a pilot. Later they hide in the coffee shop, afraid of an attack from "Crazy" Joe. Elaine's shrink realizes that he didn't leave an extra prescription for Joe Davola, for the time while he's on vacation.

Director and Writers

Director: Tom Cherones
Writers: Larry David


George: I'm sorry. I can't live knowing that Ted Danson makes that much more than me. Who's he?
Jerry: He's somebody!
George: What about me?
Jerry: You're nobody.
George: Why him? Why not me?
Jerry: He's good, you're not.
George: I'm better than him!
Jerry: You're worse! Much much worse.

Newman: Yes, I admit I was speeding, but it was to save a man's life. A close friend. An innocent person who wanted nothing more out of life than to love, to be loved, and to be a banker.

Kramer: Yo-Yo Ma!

Newman: (telling the suicide banker story) I wanted to see how he was doing. Well, Your Honor, he was barely audible, but I-I distinctly recall him saying-
Kramer: (involuntarily) Hey, Yo-Yo Ma.

George: The story is the foundation of all entertainment. You must have a good story otherwise it's just masturbation.

Newman: Would you please tell the court, in your own words, what happened on the afternoon of September 10th.
Kramer: What do you mean in my own words? Who's words are they gonna be?

(Kramer answers Jerry's phone and begins speaking Italian)
Jerry: What are you doing? What's wrong with you, what are you doing? Give me that phone. Go to your apartment and lie down, I'll make an appointment for a doctor today.
(Kramer mutters and leaves)
Jerry: Hello? Oh, hi, I'm sorry. No, that's my next door neighbor, he's not quite himself, he got kicked in the head.

(Jerry and George are inside the coffee shop, hiding from Joe Davola)
Jerry: Is he out there? Do you see him?
George: I'm not sure.
Jerry: Well, either you see him or you don't.
George: All right, I don't.

Newman: (outside Kramer's door) Come on, are you ready? Let's go.
Kramer: (opens the door, still has shaving cream on his face) For what?
Newman: What's the matter with you? I just spoke to you fifteen minutes ago.
Kramer: About what?
Newman: The courthouse, you gotta go with me too the court house, I'm contesting a ticket today.
Kramer: I can't, I'm going to the doctor's later.
Newman: You gotta go with me, you-you're my alibi, you have to take the stand.
Kramer: Well, I can't!
Newman: Well, let me remind you of something. You wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for me and my helmet. I saved your life! You would be dead! Dead! You would cease to exist! You would be gone for the rest of eternity! YOU WOULDN'T EVEN BEGIN TO COMPREHEND WHAT THAT MEANS!
Kramer: Shut up! I'll get my coat.

Jerry: (to George) You know, you really need some help. But a regular psychiatrist couldn't even help you. You need to go to like, Vienna, or something. You know what I mean? You need to get involved at the university level. Like where Freud studied, and have all those people looking at you and checking up on you. That's the kind of help you need. Not the once a week for eighty bucks. No, you need a team. A team of psychiatrists working round the clock, thinking about you, having conferences, observing you. Like the way they did with the Elephant Man.

Jerry: You know, a muffin can be very filling!

Notes and Trivia

Crazy Joe Davola was named after Joe Davola, a friend of Larry David's.

Originally broadcast as part of a 60 min episode.

Jerry makes repeated attempts to speak at his alma mater, Edward R. Murrow Junior High School. This is a reference to the renowned Murrow High School of Brooklyn, New York, as there is no such place as Murrow Junior High.




Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Julia Louis-DreyfusElaine Benes
Michael RichardsKramer
Jason AlexanderGeorge Costanza
Wayne KnightNewman
Bob BalabanRussell Dalrymple
Heidi SwedbergSusan Ross
Kevin PageStu
Peter CrombieJoe (credit only)
Len LesserUncle Leo
Steve EastinCop #1
David GrafCop #2
Al FannJudge
Stephen McHattiePsychiatrist
Peter BloodJay
Julie ClaireReceptionist
Steve SkrovanTommy
Ron RossHomeless Man