S05E01 - The Mango

No: 65  |   Season: 5   Episode: 1  |   Air Date: 16-Sep-1993  |   Production #501

Do you feel the way you feel after the Risotto?Do you feel the way you feel after the Risotto?


George tells Jerry about his lack of confidence below "the equator." Jerry begs Elaine for another chance when he finds out she faked her orgasms. Kramer gets banned from his favorite fruit shop and sends Jerry to get his fruit but the owner who knows Jerry's and Kramer's orders realizes Jerry is buying for Kramer. Joe bans Jerry from the fruit shop aswell.

Director and Writers

Director: Tom Cherones
Writers: Lawrence H. Levy and Larry David


Jerry: What about the panting, the moaning, the groaning, the screaming?
Elaine: Fake, fake, fake, fake.

Elaine: Jerry, we have to have sex to save the friendship.
Jerry: Sex...to save the friendship? Well, if we have to we have to.

Jerry: What, are you upset now?
Elaine: Yes, I'm upset! Can't you tell?
Jerry: No, maybe you're faking.

Jerry: How did she do it? She's like Meryl Streep this woman. And I know how to work the equipment. I'm not unskilled, I'm in the union.

Jerry: Nobody knows what to do. You just close your eyes, you hope for the best. I really think they're happy if you just make an effort.

George: I think I'll have a chocolate malted here!

George: You're very good. Very good with the moanings and the gyrations. You really had me going there for a minute.
Karen: You think I was faking?
George: Come on: 'Oh George, oh Geeeooorge!' Come on! Not that I don't appreciate the effort that was put into it.

Elaine: What about our friendship?
Jerry: Oh friendship. Friendship schmiendship.

George: That reminds me you owe $47.50 for the fruit.
Jerry: I don't have any cash.
Kramer: I've only got hundreds.

Jerry: Oh that Meryl Streep, she's such a phoney-baloney.

Kramer: (admiring Elaine's ability to fake it) You know, I heard her screaming from my apartment. She woke me up a few times.

Kramer: The supermarket! That's impossible, they don't have a decent piece of fruit at the supermarket. The apples are mealy, the oranges are dry, I don't know what's going on with the papayas!

Joe: Whaddaya want me to do?
Kramer: I want restitution
Joe: Oh, you want restitution? How about this? You're banned!
Kramer: You're banning me?
Joe: That's right! Banned!
Kramer: But what am I going to do for fruit?!

George: I don't want any mango.
Kramer: Come on, take some. It's good.
(George tries a piece)
George: Very good. Juicy. Ripe. This Joe's got some terrific fruit.
(George looks a little weird)
Jerry: What?
George: I feel like I got a B12 shot. This is like a taste explosion!
Kramer: I told you.
(George stands still)
Jerry: What is it?
George: I think it moved. Oh my god, I think it moved. Yeah, give me the big piece. I'll see you later.
(Elaine enters the apartment)
Elaine: Hi George.
George: I'm back, baby, I'm back!

Kramer: So she faked 'em, so what?
Jerry: The woman had an orgasm under false pretenses...that's sexual perjury!

George: She gave me the hook.
Jerry: You got the hook?
George: It's like the manager coming out to ask you for the ball.

George: Well if Houdini couldn't do it, what chance do I have?!?

Notes and Trivia

La Bo

If you pause and look at the tapes on Jerry's shelf when Elaine comes to return Jerry's things, the titles of the tapes are: The TtG, Love Chain, Amnesia, Boxing, Gunfight, Lipstick

A sign on the wall in Joe's Fruit Shop reads, "Prices subject to change according to customer's attitude."

This is the first episode to feature a Cannondale mountain bike hanging in Jerry's apartment. Previously there was no bike, then, a green Klein mountain bike through the Season 4 finale. At one point, in a discussion of giving a woman an orgasm, Jerry says that no one really knows how to do it. However, in "The Fusilli Jerry", he has a detailed sequence of moves that he says has never failed him.

The way George says "I'm back, baby" is the same way his father says it in "The Fatigues" after he decides to cook Kramer's dinner.

The co-writing credit for the teleplay that was credited to "Buck Dancer", is changed to Larry David in the syndicated reruns. Larry must have decided to use a pseudonym for the original broadcast. Buck is also the first name George would use if he were a porn star, the full name being "Buck Naked".


A sign in the window of Joe's fruit shop reads "Plumbs" instead of "Plums".

Despite taking place in New York, the "No Loitering" sign outside Joe's cites California Penal Code 647(e).

When Kramer is peeking in the window, he is looking around the "Apples" sign as visible from the outside. However, when they switch to the view from inside the store, you see him looking around the "cucumbers" sign.


Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Julia Louis-DreyfusElaine Benes
Michael RichardsKramer
Jason AlexanderGeorge Costanza
Lisa EdelsteinKaren
Leonard TermoJoe
Veralyn JonesRenee
Ruth CohenRuthie Cohen