S07E21 - The Bottle Deposit (Part 1)

No: 131  |   Season: 7   Episode: 21  |   Air Date: 2-May-1996  |   Production #721

See this gasket? I have no confidence in that gasket! See this gasket? I have no confidence in that gasket!


George doesn't hear the details on an important project that Wilhelm wants him to champion. Peterman wants Elaine to bid on a set of golf clubs at the Kennedy auction, her ceiling is $10,000; however, she gets into a bidding war with Sue Ellen, the Oh Henry! candy heiress. Consequently, she spends a bit more than she was authorized. Newman finds the missing ingredient to make it cost effective in Kramer's scheme to collect used pop bottles and cans and take them to Michigan where the refund is doubled. Jerry takes his car to a mechanic, who's fanatical about car care. Elaine meets Jerry to get the golf clubs out of his car, but the mechanic, distraught over Jerry's negligence, steals it. Kramer and Newman collect their bottles and cans and hit the road in a mail truck.

Director and Writers

Director: Andy Ackerman
Writers: Gregg Kavet & Andy Robin


Jerry: "I'm here to catch a... glimpse."

Tony: When was the last time you even checked the washer fluid?
Jerry: But the washer fluid is fine.
Tony: The washer fluid is not fine!

Jerry: Hey. You put your groceries under the hood of my car?
Kramer: Aw, that's right, we forgot about those.
Newman: That's where my missing soda is.
Jerry: And your crab legs, and a thing of cheese. The Triple-A guy said I was this close to sucking a muffin down the carburetor.

Newman: We carry a couple of bags of mail and the rest is ours!
Kramer: Newman, you magnificent bastard, you did it!!
Newman: Let the collecting begin!!

Auctioneer: ...do I have sixty-five-hundred?
(Elaine raises paddle)
Auctioneer: Sixty-five-hundred to the... dark-haired person on the right.
(a little later)
Sue Ellen Mishke: Ten thousand.
Auctioneer: Ten thousand to the shapely woman on the left.

Notes and Trivia

When the women sets down the soda can, it is merely labelled generically with "Diet Soda", however the distinctive red and blue Pepsi symbol is clearly present.

Originally broadcast as part of a 60 min episode.


George recites the lyrics to the Petula Clark song he says, "where the neon lights are pretty." However, the actual lyric is "where the neon signs are pretty."


Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Julia Louis-DreyfusElaine Benes
Michael RichardsCosmo Kramer
Jason AlexanderGeorge Costanza
Wayne KnightNewman
Richard HerdWilhelm
John O'HurleyPeterman
Brenda StrongSue Ellen
Brad GarrettTony
Patrick KerrLa Forge - Clerk
Mary Jo KeenenDeena Lazzari
Rance HowardFarmer
Karen Lynn ScottSusie, the Farmer's Daughter
Nicholas MeleDetective
Sandy WardPop
Harvey JasonAuctioneer
Larry PolsonHomeless Guy
Dan O'ConnorYoung Cop
Bonnie McNeilWoman
Lee BearGeorge Steinbrenner
Larry DavidGeorge Steinbrenner
James LansburyHerb
David MandelTwitching Patient (uncredited)
Dave RichardsonDan (uncredited)