S08E03 - The Bizarro Jerry

No: 137  |   Season: 8   Episode: 3  |   Air Date: 3-Oct-1996  |   Production #803

I donI don't even really work here!


Kramer uses a bathroom in an office building and just begins working there. He is "TCB." Elaine sets Jerry up with a friend who is very beautiful, but she has "man hands." George uses a picture of her and passes her off as his dead finance Susan; that gets him into the "Forbidden City" where high priced models hang out. Elaine meets Kevin and some of his friends; they are the exact opposite of Jerry, George and Kramer. With Kramer working, George inside the walls and Elaine hanging out with Kevin, Jerry begins to feel alone.

Director and Writers

Director: Andy Ackerman
Writers: David Mandel


Kramer: You know what they say, you don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle!

Vargas: Hello Kevin...
Kevin: Hello... Vargas...

Kramer: But I don't even really work here.
Boss: That's what makes this so difficult.

Gillian: (smiles at him) Don't you just love lobster?
(Close-up of her Man hands tearing open a lobster.)

Elaine: These are good people, Jerry. They read!
Jerry: I read, I read!
Elaine: Books, Jerry.
Jerry: Oh.

(Jerry walks in and sees Kramer cooking breakfast.)
Jerry: Kramer?
Kramer: Oh, good morning. This is breakfast... but I need to go, and I am going to work.
Jerry: How much time was I asleep?

George: Elaine! Can--can I come?
Elaine: I'm sorry....we already have a 'George.'

Gillian: I'm just gonna go wash my hands.
Jerry: Good idea. (under his breath) There's a beach towel on the rack.

Elaine: Would you prefer it if she had no hands at all.
Jerry: Would she have hooks.
Elaine: Do hooks make it more attractive, Jerry.
Jerry: Kinda cool looking.

Jerry: She had man-hands.
Elaine: Man-hands?
Jerry: The hands of a man. It's like a creature out of Greek mythology. I mean, she was like part woman, part horrible beast.

Notes and Trivia

Jerry's apartment number is 5A. Bizzaro Jerry's apartment number is 5A, the same as Jerry's. Maybe it should be the opposite of 5A?

Above Jerry's sink is a row of boxes of breakfast cereal. In contrast, above Kevin's sink is a row of glass containers containing natural grains.

The Bizarro George's name is Gene, which incidentally is Larry David's middle name. Of course, Larry David was the character George.

In "Bizarro" Jerry's (Kevin's) apartment, there is a figure of Bizarro Superman on a stand, at the exact opposite spot of Jerry's, like all of his other furniture. Also, Kevin has a unicycle hanging on the opposite side of his bathroom door.

The Bizarro Superman statuette in Kevin's apartment was specially made for the episode. It is now owned by episode writer David Mandel and signed by the entire Seinfeld team.

The hands of actor James Rekart are the "Manhands" in this episode. James Rekart was personally cast by Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld remembered Rekart from acting classes at the James Best Theatre Center.


When Elaine comes into Kevin's apartment, you can see the shadow of the boom mic sweep across the top of the door.

In the scene where Kevin shows the ballet tickets to Elaine, notice that he first looks at his fall zone behind the couch to make sure he's lined up.

Several times in the episode, like when she is going to wash her hands, Gillian's smaller and more feminine hands are visible.


Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Julia Louis-DreyfusElaine Benes
Michael RichardsCosmo Kramer
Jason AlexanderGeorge Costanza
Tim DeKayKevin
Kristin Bauer van StratenGillian (as Kristin Bauer)
Pat KilbaneBizarro Kramer
Kyle T. HeffnerBizarro George
Justina VailAmanda
J. Patrick McCormackLeland
Harry S. MurphyOffice Manager (as Harry Murphy)
Dana PatrickModel #1
Shireen CrutchfieldModel #2
Robin NanceModel #3
Mark LarsonBizarro Newman (as Mark S. Larson)
James LesureOffice Worker
Jason BeckBouncer
Peggy LaneWaitress (scenes deleted)
Eric BrennerButcher (uncredited)
Ruth CohenRuthie Cohen
James RekartThe Man Hands