Seinfeld - Season 2

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S02E01 The Ex-Girlfriend - 23-Jan-1991
Jerry begins to date George's ex - girlfriend before he discovers how clingy she is. Meanwhile George refuses to pay a physical therapist, convinced he did nothing and Elaine has a run - in with a friend who has stopped saying "hello" to her.
I hated those kids. In fact, I hate anyone that ever had a pony when they were growing up.
S02E02 The Pony Remark - 30-Jan-1991
Jerry worries that he may have killed an old relative, after he offends her with an off-the-cuff comment about hating kids who had ponies growing up.
We had a funny guy with us in Korea: a tail gunner. They blew his brains out all over the Pacific.
S02E03 The Jacket - 6-Feb-1991
Jerry splurges on an expensive new suede jacket, but the colorful inner lining leaves something to be desired. When Elaine does Kramer a favor, Jerry and George get stuck alone with Elaine's intimidating, curmudgeonly father.
Tan pants. Why do I buy tan pants, Donna?
S02E04 The Phone Message - 13-Feb-1991
George regrets not going upstairs for "coffee" after a date, and proceeds to leave his girlfriend a series of increasingly embarrassing phone messages. Meanwhile, Jerry and his girlfriend argue over the comedic value of a TV commercial.
For I am Costanza. Lord of the idiots.
S02E05 The Apartment - 4-Apr-1991
Jerry helps Elaine get the apartment above his, but later regrets doing so. George's experiment of wearing a wedding band to attract women goes horribly awry.
Today is your lucky day Junior,
S02E06 The Statue - 11-Apr-1991
Jerry finds a statue in a box of his grandfather's old things, that George wants to replace a similar one he broke as a child. When Jerry hires the boyfriend of an author Elaine is working with, to clean his apartment, the cleaning job is spectacular, but the statue goes missing.
I cook naked... I clean naked... I drive naked... Naked naked naked!
S02E07 The Revenge - 18-Apr-1991
George quits his job in a huff, but comes to regret the decision, and is later humiliated by his boss. Jerry believes that the man at the laundromat has stolen a large sum of money from his laundry bag. Employing Elaine's and Kramer's help, respectively, they each plan revenge.
You know, they never gave me any ice cream...
S02E08 The Heart Attack - 25-Apr-1991
George thinks he's had a heart attack. The doctor tells him otherwise, but he might want to get his tonsils and adenoids removed. Elaine is interested in the doctor and he is interested in her tongue. George not wanting to deal with the cost and the procedure decides to take Kramer's advice of going to see a naturalist, which only makes the situation worse.
I mean, really, what is the big deal? We go in there. We
S02E09 The Deal - 2-May-1991
Jerry and Elaine establish a new set of ground rules so they can remain friends but still sleep with each other often. With Jerry in a dilemma to find Elaine an "appropriate" birthday gift and with George's scepticism, their new deal is doomed from the start.
What have you done to my little cable boy?!
S02E10 The Baby Shower - 16-May-1991
When Jerry goes out of town, Elaine uses his apartment for the baby shower of a woman George once dated. However, the party goes awry when Kramer shows up to install illegal cable, Jerry's trip is cancelled, and George intends to confront the mother-to-be for mistreating him on their date years earlier.
Four. That
S02E11 The Chinese Restaurant - 23-May-1991
Jerry, Elaine, and George endure a series of misadventures while waiting the entire episode to get a table at a Chinese restaurant.
They say no one
S02E12 The Busboy - 26-Jun-1991
George continuously yet inadvertently meddles in the life of a busboy. Elaine has a man come to visit her for a week, we she soon finds is far too long for her liking.